Is Fashion getting out of China?

Fashion moves its manufacturing to other countries.

Some of the big fashion houses are moving productions closer to their main headquarters. Therefore, companies are moving their global supply chains and low cost production centers in Asia. But, why is this happening? Keep reading our post: Is Fashion getting out of China?

Fashion houses based in Europe and United States are facing huge challenges with their supply chain in China. One of the reasons for this is the new Delta variant of Covid-19 in countries such as Vietnam and China. Asian factories closed during weeks in the last months. Another reasons for this are the delays in the shipments and the increasing costs attached to them. Freights costs may be up-to 500% higher. Therefore, Production is being moved to countries like Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Turkey or Brasil.

The Spanish brand Mango accelerated its local production process to closer countries last week. Also, Michael Kors said that they would not have the desired inventories for the Christmas season.

Is Fashion getting out of China?

We can say that all these issues are affecting the Fashion Industry dramatically. Spanish leather goods manufacturers are ready to absorb this workload.

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