Introducing our team: Irene.

Introducing our team: Irene

Today, we want to tell you how an office day is and what our assistant do in our factory. Irene Gómez is assistant at Betangible and her job consists of assisting Pepe Montiel, owner of Betangible. She takes care of the communication with new potential customers. Also, all the feedback with current clients during the manufacturing process.

On the other hand, Irene deals with suppliers to order raw materials such as leather, lining, hardware… Other of her tasks are keeping our blog updated. That’s why she has knowledge concerning leather goods manufacturing and she is also updated about the trends in the fashion industry.

A day in the office can be very busy, especially on meeting days and also when we have to manage and organize shipments.

All in all, Irene tries to keep everything coordinated and makes things easy for the clients and the rest of Betangible team.

Find below the video where Irene speaks about her taks at Betangible. We hope you enjoy it! Subscribe to our YouTube channel here.

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