‘École des savoir-faire’ of Hermès

'École des savoir-faire' of Hermès

Did you know that there is a school of the luxury house Hermès? ‘École des savoir-faire‘ is a center that was created last year to preserve its artisan heritage. This training center of leather goods is approved by the French Educational System.

This year, they have launched a new specialization: the certificate of proffesional qualification for cutting and sewing. In the ‘École des savoir-faire’ the artisans transmit to the apprentices, many of them are youngsters, their know-how of excellence.

Hermès reconciles innovation and fidelity to the founding values of the House. From exceptional materials to the manufacturing of functional, quality objects that last. From suitcases to card holders, from bags to wallets… The leather carftsmen produce a multitude of emblematic objects of the Hermès House.

École des savoir-faire

Becoming a leather goods maker is being part of a long artisan history of transmission of skills and techniques. We can say that learning this profession takes years of experience and training. The region of Ubrique, where we are, has been dedicated to this noble trade for centuries.

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