Digital Fashion Shows are here to stay

Digital Fashion Shows are already a reality

Fashion Weeks have been largely virtual. We believe that these Digital Fashion shows are here to stay.

Since last year, Fashion Brands have had to reinvent themselves and manage to keep up the expectation towards online shows. Creativity is fundamental, and Fashion Houses have managed to make the most of these virtual fashion weeks. Many are optimistic about the return of face-to-face shows, although digital presentations are likely to continue because a wider audience has been reached.

We cannot deny that the pandemic has caused a change in the industry. The way the products are made, how the collections are being presented and the way we buy or consume. There are a long list of changes that have ocurred the last year, and Fashion Weeks is one of them.

Some brands, like Gucci and Tommy Hilfiger, have not presented new collections this season. They want to present it in a physical event (They can afford it, I guess) . However, most brands have opted for video that are almost movies presented on the Fashion Week platform.

All in all, we can say that Digital Fashion Shows are already a reality, and they are here to stay!

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