A little bit about Betangible…

What's Betangible?

Today, we want to share with you a video where our CEO, Pepe Montiel, speaks about our company. A little bit about Betangible… Pepe talks about how we started and our evolution, as well as our experience and values as a leather goods manufacturer in Spain.

What’s Betangible? Leather Goods Manufacturer in Ubrique (Spain).

Our evolution in these 9 years: we started in 2010 making patterns and developing samples with two employees. We have been growing organically. Nowadays, we take care of all the process, we develop our products from an idea or a very detail ‘techpack‘. Also, we can take care from the sellection of the materials until the quality control, offering a full-service.

We like to say that Betangible is a customer-oriented company. Not basically a product-oriented company. That’s why, we put the customer in the center of the project. We are interested in a long relationship with our clients. Communication is crucial to improve the feedback between us.

In summary, we hope that you liked it: A little bit about Betangible… Also, you can subcribe to our canal on Youtube here.

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