The Role of Shipping Companies in the Leather Goods Industry

A Leather Goods Manufacturer must work with different shipping companies. They offer a very important service… They make sure that the items that we make arrive at their destination in good condition and on time. We are so lucky to have offices of the main global shipping companies here, in Ubrique. That’s why today we are going to speak about the role of shipping companies in the leather goods industry.

Global business and global interconnections are growing. Today’s customers are always on the go and want their products faster than never before. The shipping of the orders needs to have a powerful and an international network to manage your supply chain.

Transport services are a great help when we are in the process of developing samples and, especially, in fashion weeks when there are last minute changes and the items need to be in the show in time.

There are different rates that depend on when you want shipments to arrive. Many of them like DHL, UPS or FedEx offer next day shipping service or Saturday delivery. These services make our work much faster and easier and it makes us feel close to our customers.

DHL Driver

Do you remember our Post: Ubrique, a true story of adaptation to “the current times”? Where we talked that quality is not the only reason to grow your business. Skills like speak fluent a foreign languages, marketing and communication… Now we can also say that the use of a global transport services is important to have a good partnership between Manufacturers-Customers.

We are happy to have a direct contact with the drivers of this shipping companies. We want to thank you for the service offered. For all the above it’s why is so essencial the role of shipping companies in the leather goods industry.

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