The Figure of Leather Goods Merchants… Past and Present

The Figure of Leather Goods Merchants… Past and Present

Leather goods merchants were the first transmitters of the savoir-faire of this area in modern times. Isn´t these people worthy of homage? They were the first sales agents of the leather goods factories that decided to create a brand. It was the owner of the workshop himself who took this role. He used to pack the collection of leather goods in a “hard-to-wear” trunk and drive all through certain geographical areas. He visited shops of leather accessories and offered his products to them. After several weeks of travelling, he came back to the factory and started to produce the orders.

Nowadays, this way of selling is not as common as it used to be. Most Spanish Leather Goods Manufacturers have their own e-shop or display their products on ecommerce platforms of third parties

We strongly believe in modern technologies as a way of reaching your potential clients and a way of being closer to them. However, the “physical contact” the physical interaction (Experience) between buyers and makers cannot be substituted by these technologies. Leather goods are made by People

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