Leather Printing… Interview with PILEUS (Alberto Moreno)

Today, we are going to talk with the founder of a company that use a very widespread technique by many clients. This technique allows fashion designers show their creativity.

Pileus is a Ubrique based company founded by Alberto Moreno. They are leaders in Leather Printing and this technology respects all the natural characteristics of leather such as softness and warmth.

Betangible: Could you tell us what possibilities Pileus offer in the Leather Industry?

Alberto: We are specialized in Leather Printing. This technology allows to print on any kind of leather (light and dark), also with grains, with full colour photographic quality. There are so many possibilities… as many as the designer has in their head. Our clients can express their creativity in a piece of leather. We have clients in the fashion industry, interior design, etc.

Betangible: Do you think that customers are aware about the use of this technology to create their designs?

Alberto: Nowadays, technology is everywhere, and we live with it every day. Designers can use this machine to be different from their competitors, because their designs will be one-of-a kind.

Betangible: Ubrique has been working in the Manufacturing of Leather Accessories for centuries. Tradition is the word that may define this job and this town. However, through Pileus this tradition could be changed to Avant-garde. Do you think that Pileus can help make a change in this matter?

Alberto: Of course! Ubrique need the technology to improve the leather industry. Luxury Fashion Houses and High End Brands are more and more familiar with the use of the technology. We need to work in this matter and mix both: tradition and technology.

Alberto kindly showed us how the machine works. He used a leather with grain and the result was perfect as you can watch in the following video.


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