Is Craftsmanship Incompatible with Productivity and Efficiency?

Is Craftsmanship Incompatible with Productivity and Efficiency?

Can a leather item be made more efficiently (time wise) without reducing the quality and the values that a handcrafted leather item holds? Craftsmanship is linked to the idea that the amount of time spent on the manufacturing of an item is not as important as the final result. On the contrary, many modern makers tend to focus completely on functionality and “forget” about the spiritual part of the item. The act of purchasing is based on the emotions and the story that is behind.


Keeping the above in mind, we must not forget that handmade items must also be sellable and meet the requirements and needs of our clients. In our experience, timing is a key factor here. Modern leather goods craftsmanship must keep its roots in order to make gorgeous leather goods, but also it must meet the new standards that the market is demanding.


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