HAUS: the new Araceli Garcia’s vegan collection.

Today, we want to show you a good example of how craftsmanship and art can be mixed together. HAUS: the new Araceli Garcia‘s vegan collection and all the creative process behind.

Araceli, CEO and designer of Araceli García, was looking for making something totally vegan for this collection. That’s why, she searched for different materials. Finally, she chose cactus leather for the exterior, while for the interior, she used eco-suede (made from recycled polyester). The 3D printed handles, made from yuca, corn and sugar cane, are pieces designed by herself.

The shape of the bags tries to simulate the shape of animals like beetles or sea shells. Once the bags were made, she personally painted each of them by hand. So, this makes each design unique and exclusive.

You can know more abouth ‘HAUS: the new Araceli Garcia’s vegan collection’ in the following video. We are sure you will enjoy it!

We are grateful as Araceli wanted to work with us for her new collection. We’re so proud to work with creative brands that pursue using new materials.

You can find more post about the leather goods that we delight here.

HAUS: the new Araceli Garcia's vegan collection

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