Betangible’s Logbook. Chapter 2

Betangible’s Logbook. Chapter 2

27th July 2011

Dear Logbook,

Today, we arrived in the factory and the faces of the leather workers were looking forward to the deserved break after a whole year of hard work in the leather workshop. We can see several cardboard cartons ready for shipment. They are separated in three different batches by destination. The manager has been absent from the workshop for the whole morning. He has been in the office. He must have been preparing the production plan for the end of August.  At 8 pm, the bell of the factory rang. All the leather workers wished happy holidays to each other while they were tidying their work tables. In a few minutes the workshop was in silence. As in a theatre, the house lights were dimmed. The next act will be performed in three weeks. HAPPY HOLIDAYS…

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