Betangible’s Logbook. Chapter 1

Betangible’s Logbook. Chapter 1

18th July 2011

Dear logbook,
Today is a busy day because there are several orders to be delivered. The managing director of the factory has opened the doors of the workshop 45 minutes earlier than usual. We can see clear signs of responsibility on his face. It is like he is trying to figure out the manufacturing plan for today. He is like the de director of an orchestra in which all the instruments must be properly tuned in order that the whole piece can sound as written by the composer.

All the leather workers have also arrived earlier than usual, as it was agreed in the team’s meeting of the previous Friday. Today the unmistakable sound of the Patacabra  sound even more vigorously than normal. More than 150 beautifully made men’s wallets have been finished today. At the end of the day, the faces of all these men and women reflect the satisfaction of the accomplished duty.

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