Artisan Furniture Manufacturing Industry in Andalusia

Artisan Furniture Manufacturing Industry in Andalusia

Today, we want to introduce another traditional industry of Andalusia, Artisan Furniture Manufacturing Industry, which has traditionally been  linked to luxury.

The town of Sanlúcar de Barrameda , located right in the end of the river Guadalquivir and opposite Doñana National Park, is well known by its carpenters and cabinet-makers, who have been making the nicest furniture in Andalusia for more than 500 years.

The origins for this traditional industry must be found in the 15th Century, when boats coming from America got a berth in Sanlúcar’s port, in their way to Seville. Many of these boats were full of mahogany wood, which was used by the renowned artisans of the town to make pieces of furniture for the nobles and the royal family of the time.


More about the savoire.faire of this industry… coming soon.



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