Leather Carving… Handmade Pieces of Artwork

Leather Carving… Handmade Pieces of Artwork

In one of our first posts we featured images of some pieces made using the “leather carving” technique. This technique has been studied, used and improved by a very well known craftsman and artist from Ubrique called Luis Domínguez Rojas.


Rojas (this is how he signs his pieces) has been making leather carved pieces for more than 60 years. We recently interviewed him at his small workshop and museum and he captivated us when he stated, “I am still learning about this technique”.


He is currently collaborating with a local leather supplier Curtidos Cabezas  trying to transmit his know-how to local leather workers through training courses. He aims at transmitting his passion for this art to the next generation of leather artisans. Below you can find a short video filmed during our interview. Hope you enjoy it.

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