HOW TO make a Leather Item Chapter 3: Leather Thinning

HOW TO make a Leather Item
Chapter 3: Leather Thinning

Leather thinning or splitting is the preparation of the thickness of the leather for a particular work. Leather thinning can be applied both to the whole surface of the leather (Leather Splitting) or just to the edges of a particular leather piece (Edge Thinning).


Leather thinning can be handmade by using a curved tool, which must be used with surgical precision in order to remove the proper amount of leather.


This can also be carried out using electronically controlled machines. These machines can help manufacturers slicing the back or splitting 
the leather to leave the top layer the desired finished thickness.


Edge Thinning is applied when borders need to be folded in order not to have a “double thickness” on the edges.





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