Handbags… Types of closures (Chapter 2)

Do you remember one of the last post titled Types of closures (Chapter 1)? Well, today we are going to develop this topic a bit more. In this Chapter 2, we would like to talk about some not very common bags closures. Leather Goods Manufacturers in Ubrique are very familiar with different closures and they always are open to listen new possibilities.

Perhaps, the type of closure can mark the difference. We think that this may happen with the designs bellow…

A lock is a type of closure that gives the feeling that you are keeping something important in your bag. Like a little treasure! One example of this type of lock is the Celine bag below, Bag 16. The crocodile leather and the brass lock make it look impressive.
The second one, is a bag with a buckle fastening. A hardware normally used for belts. We love this style of Boyy, the Karl Bag, a gorgeous multicoloured bag.
Rejina Pyo is a British based designer (born in South Korea) who always takes risk in her designs. Naomi bag has a natural wood closure.

In these two posts you have been able to see how the closures are a very important part in a bag.

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