A very good friend of ours told us about this very first collection of two Italian artists who have joined their creative spirits under the name C.A.2 Creative . The collection features huge stoles, gloves, foulards and small accessories and is inspired by ancient Chinese paper-cut artworks. Automatic Cutting Systems (Blade, laser or water-jet cutting) may have been used for the engravings.

February is round the corner… let’s have a look at some of the shows and fairs in our agenda…



Dates: 12th  – 14th February

Venue, City, Country: Olympia Exhibition Centre, London, United Kingdom

Exhibitors: Men’s & Women’s wear and accessories

Visitors: Boutique & Department Store Buyers, Importers/Wholesalers, Fashion Professionals and General Public

Note: a good platform for buyers and visitors to find innovative products. It’s one of the most popular fashion show in the UK.

Web site: www.purelondon.com



Dates: 14th – 16th February

Venue, City, Country: Paris Nord Villepinte, Paris, France

Exhibitors: Manufacturers and Dealers of all types of decorative or functional trims for clothes and fashion accessories.

Visitors: Professionals from all fashion industries

Note: A truly international Trade Fair for real networking between buyers and manufacturers.

Web site: www.modamont.com



Dates: 14th – 16th February

Venue, City, Country: Paris Nord Villepinte, Paris, France

Exhibitors: Manufacturers of leathers, natural and artificial fabrics for fashion accessories

Visitors: Manufacturers and Professionals from all fashion industries

Note: As part of Premier Vision Pluriel, this trade fair benefits from the other fashion events that take place within the same venue.

Web site: http://lecuiraparis.com




Dates: 17th – 21st February

Venue, City, Country: Somerset House, London, United Kingdom

Exhibitors: Manufacturers and fashion brands

Visitors: Professionals related to the fields of Garments, Textiles and Fashion Accessories

Note: It’s on of London’s Premier Events attracting professionals of the fashion industry worldwide.

Web site: www.londonfashionweek.co.uk




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Posted on January 23rd, 2012
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Today, we want to show you some types of stitching that are commonly used in the manufacturing of leather goods. As you will see from the pictures below, we have made a leather bag on which we have tried to apply different ways of assembling the different parts and also we have tried to use different types of visible and hidden stitching.

Which one is your favourite?

In an extraordinarily competitive environment, we in the leather goods manufacturing industry are facing the dilemma of how to compete while maintaining the integrity of our businesses. Will the price of our products and services affect the value provided? The answer is… No. On the other hand, quality is presupposed and already assumed by the buyers that want to have the “Made in Spain” embossed on their leather products. Let’s have a deeper look at the concept of “Value”.

The images  below try to reflect the words and concepts associated to words such as “Quality”, “Price” and “Value”. According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary  “Value” is defined as worth of importance; the adequate or satisfactory return on or recompense for something. Things have value, or are of value, or are valued. “Price” is defined as cost of something bought or sold. However, things that have a price may or may not have Value.

Providing value, or even better, added value for the price that, obviously, our buyers have to pay for our products (or services), is the best position for a business that want to compete globally.

How do you add/provide value to your products and services? At what extent is price so important in a high quality leather product?

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Posted on January 12th, 2012
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High quality leather goods are immediately recognised at first sight, don’t you think? A very good example of this is the limited edition Laptop Bag co-created by Travelteq and Tenue de Nimes. Both universes are very well combined in such a stunning product. Below you can watch a short video of the manufacturing process of this product… It’s worth watching. Enjoy!!

Travelteq x Tenue de Nîmes from Tenue de Nîmes on Vimeo.

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Posted on January 7th, 2012
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The new year is full of Trade Fairs and Commercial Action for leather Goods designers and manufacturers. We will definitely meet in Paris, won’t we?

WHO’S NEXT Prêt-à-porter Paris


Dates: 21st – 24th January

Venue, City, Country: Paris Porte de Versailles, Paris, France

Exhibitors: Cloth, Apparel & Accessories, Handbags
 and other Leather Goods
from the best renowned fashion brands

Visitors: Designers, Exporters, Importers, General Public, Leather Manufacturers, Media Agencies and Publications

Note: It is one of the most visited fashion industry trade show in France. The latest fashion trends are presented during this fashion show. A must-visit show.

Web site: http://www.whosnext.com/



Dates: 16th – 19th January

Venue, City, Country: Anhembi Show Pavilion, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Exhibitors: Manufacturers of leather goods, fashion accessories and lifestyle products.

Visitors: Importers and exporters, manufacturers worldwide

Note: It is #1 Latin America Trade Fair of the leather goods industry

Web site: http://www.couromoda.com/english/

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Posted on January 4th, 2012
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This year is about to finish and we want to wish you all the best for the New Year.

We also want to share with you some photos that we recently took. The photos show some views and landscapes of this area in Andalusia (Spain). Enjoy…

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Posted on December 30th, 2011
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Betangible is now on Google +. You can add the Andalusian Leather Goods Expert to your circles by clicking here  or on the image below.

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Posted on December 27th, 2011
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We have a very special message for you …. it is on the video below

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Posted on December 23rd, 2011
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We have always been interested in designers who look for something different and want to experiment with materials. This time, we want to tell you about this “Duramen Series” since it is a new approach to the field of wood. We really enjoy projects like this because it brings together ideas and concepts such as creativity, craftsmanship and art. The wooden forms are carved, sanded and finished by hand by French design duo Rémy Clémente and Morgan Maccari of Bonsoir Paris

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Posted on December 23rd, 2011
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