Belgian fashion and accessories designer, Neils Peeraer , is a graduate of the Royal Fashion Academy in Antwerp (Belgium). His Master Collection was awarded with handbag collaboration with the renowned luxury brand Delvaux. We had the opportunity of attending his show in Antwerp on that year and featured his world on one of our posts.


Neils’ work can be described as “Simply Unique”. Not only because of his emotional approach to design itself, but also because of his master use of veg tanned leathers. All his leather goods are made using veg tanned leathers and brass hardware. A profound knowledge of the materials and the techniques are necessary to design and make the leather goods and accessories in the photos below.


The images are from Neils Peeraer’s AW13 Collection in which you can find handbags, bracelets and hats; all made out of veg tanned leather and brass snaps and rings.


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Posted on August 28th, 2013
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Is there anything more gratifying than helping someone make their ideas and dreams come true? These are the foundations of a long lasting relationship. We strongly believe that this also applies to business and the leather goods manufacturing industry is not an exception for this.

It’s also very gratifying to be able to build a relationship beyond business. Of course this does not happen instantly and one cannot forget that it’s business what brought you together. However, doing business within an atmosphere of trust and positiveness is very beneficial for the project itself since all the ideas flow without any restriction.

That’s why we really enjoy doing what we do.We are lucky to work with the best team of leather goods manufacturers, pattern makers and suppliers…

Of course, it must be business… but why not fun too?


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Posted on August 6th, 2013
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