Interview with… SPS, Leather Goods Manufacturer

Interview with… SPS, Leather Goods Manufacturer

Betangible is proud to publish the first interview of a long series in which we will try to bring the leather goods manufacturing industry in Andalusia and its main characters (manufacturers and designers/brands). Today, José Sánchez, owner of SPS-Leather Goods & Manufacturing Services , will answer our questions.

How long have you been linked to the leather goods manufacturing industry in Ubrique?

Stefano Pallas (SPS) was established in 1960. It’s been more tan 50 years producing leather goods. I these years, we have worked for both Spanish and international luxury fashion brands as well as for smaller fashion firms and independent designers.


What types of leather goods do you make?

SPS is specialised in the manufacturing of small leather goods such as wallets, purses and other small items. We also have different production lines of men’s leather handbags and bigger items.


Which are the main handicaps that you usually find when you produce for a fashion brand?

The beginnings are never easy. The initial steps of the business relationship between a manufacturer and a fashion brand are crucial to get a long lasting collaboration. Our company pursues trust-based collaborations with our clients. I am obsessed with transparency and honesty in the projects that we begin with new clients.

Which is the busiest period of the year?

We are quite busy when we produce the Spring-Summer Collections, but the busiest periods of the year for SPS are the Autumn-Winter Collections, especially productions for Christmas time.


Where are the majority of your clients from? Europe or other countries?

I am quite happy about the fact that our clients’ portfolio is quite balanced in this sense. I must say that we are more and more looking out of Spain. Foreign trade strategies are present in every decision we take and therefore, we are becoming more and more international. Our company boasts about having a very professional department of Foreign Trade. That’s why; we are growing very fast in the export of our manufacturing services. UK, France and USA are our major foreign markets.


Why do you think that top-level fashion brands are producing in Ubrique (Andalusia)?

Ubrique is very well known for its skilled craftsmen who are always looking for excellence. All this has led Ubrique to have a worldwide prestige.

What future projects do you have?

I’d say three:

–          Continue with our international expansion

–          Consolidate our current clients portfolio

–          Strengthen the collaboration between SPS (as a leather goods manufacturer) and fashion designers/brands



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