Loewe’s latest Project is called “Best Hands of Spain”. In this Project, the Spanish luxury Brand wants to enhance Spain’s greatest craftsmen. The video below shows the hand-made aspect behind the manufacturing process of a luxury item, which underlines the fact that “Made in Spain” is linked to the best craftsmanship and constant pursuit of excellence. 

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Posted on March 26th, 2013
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This year, April is the month where leather goods manufacturers, fashion brands and designers will get updated with the latest trend and new products related to leather goods and accessories. We will meet you there !!!




Dates: 3th-5th April

Venue, City, Country: Bologna Fair Centre, Bologna, Italy

Exhibitors: Producers of finished leathers and components (leather goods and shoes)

Visitors: Importers and exporters, manufacturers worldwide

Note: #1 Fair for innovative materials and the latest trends in leather and other components for the leather goods industry

Web site: http://www.lineapelle-fair.it/en










Dates: 17th-18th April

Venue, City, Country: IFA (Institución Ferial Alicantina) Ctra Nacional Elche, Alicante, Spain

Exhibitors: Manufacturers and other professionals related to shoes and leather accessiries

Visitors: Professionals of fashion accessories

Note: .The Mediterranean city of Alicante becomes the centre for Spanish manufactures of shoes and leather goods that are looking for the latest innovations.

Web site: http://www.futurmoda.es






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Posted on March 14th, 2013
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Not long ago, we started a collaboration with local supplier Pileus. Two young entrepeneurs, Alberto Moreno and Juan Manuel Rodríguez, who especialise in printing on almost all surfaces and, of course, on leather too. Printing on leather can be one of the easiest ways of customising and differentiating your collection from the rest. If you do not believe it, please see the photos below. We recently interviewed them for our blog.

Pileus - Leather Printers


Betangible: Why did you decide to start a business like this?

Pileus: We both have experience in visual communication and decided to put our experience in our own business. We wanted to offer the leather goods industry in Spain  something new. We really like the idea of mixing tradition and the latest technology and we think that we are providing Spanish Leather Goods Manufacturers with a touch of 21st Century technology.


Betangible: Are you also offering this service internationally?

Pileus: Yes. Several international brands that are producing in this area are hiring our services. We are supplying the printed leather to the local leather goods manufacturers.

But it is not only leather, we are also printing on wood, canvas and other fabrics, raffia, PU materials, and many other surfaces… 


Betangible: What types of prints and finish can we get on leather? 

Pileus: Well, the choice isl amost infinite, it all has to do with creativity, but we can differenciate between three finish , regular print (natt or shine), a sort of colourless (transparent) varnish and  high relief (3D) print.

The thechnology that we use does not apply an extra layer that makes the leather lose its natural characteristics. It is real print, just like if it were a print on a piece of paper. It is a high performance print.

Pileus - Examples of Leather Prints

In a previous post, we wrote and showed a short video about the process of cutting the leather using different techniques. This time we would like to tell you about the two main types of cutting dies that Spanish Leather Goods Manufacturers use in their Leather Workshops.

Regular Cutting Dies are intended for bulk production since they simplify the leather cutting process. It is recommended when there will be a consistent repetition of a product or a particular detail that will be present throughout the whole collection. The cost of regular cutting dies is not high, however getting the desired shapes and curves aer not always possible due to the semi-manual making process of these cutting dies.

Regular Leather Cutting Dies

Precision Cutting Dies are made by using CAD/CAM technology (the same technology used for making embossing stamps) It’s a 100% automatic and precise process. These cutting dies are more costly but it is the best option when the key word is “Precision”. By using these cutting dies you can get the exactly the desired diameter in a corner of a leather wallet or card holder, for example. Another very good feature of these cutting dies is that you can do several processes at the same time, such as cutting the leather and doing the creasing line on the credit cards compartments of a wallet, for example.

Precision Leather Cutting Dies

We are at the begining of the year and there are several interesting Trade Fairs to keep in mind. You can find some of them below.



Dates: 14th-17th January


Venue, City, Country: Crocus Expo International Exhibition Center, Moscow, Russia


Exhibitors: footwear, bags and accessories


Visitors: manufacturers, importers & exporters of shoes, leather goods and footwear accessories

Note: Mos Shoes-Russia is the country’s premier and most international exhibition for shoes and leather goods

Web site: http://www.mosshoes.com/


who-next-parisWHO´S NEXT


Dates: 19th – 22th January


Venue, City, Country: Paris Porte De Versailles, France


Exhibitors: manufacturers, producers, suppliers, designers of leather goods and luggage

Visitors: specialist retailers, importers, distributors, dealers and all professionals related to the leather industry

Note:This event will bring together leading brands and labels concerned with leather accessories

Web site: http://www.whosnext.com/



pure-londonPURE LONDON


Dates: 10th-12th February


Venue, City, Country: London Olimpia, London, UK


Exhibitors: Designers and maufacturers of fashion garments and accessories.


Visitors: Boutique, Chain Stores. Department Stores Buyers, Fashion Licensees, Distributors, Importers / Wholesalers,

Note: Pure London is the most famous and popular fashion show of UK. This fashion show deals with all the latest trends in fashion.

Web site: http://www.purelondon.com/


le-cuir-a-paris-leather-fur-event-parisLE CUIR A PARIS


Dates: 12th-14th February


Venue, City, Country: Paris Nord Villepinte Hall 4, Paris, France


Exhibitors: Manufacturers of leather and textiles


Visitors: Leather Goods Manufacturers, designers and shoe makers

Note: a fair dedicated to professionals only, where latest trends are seen in the leather and fur sector. There is also a textile selection tool for the key players in the fashion and design industry.

Web site: http://lecuiraparis.com/


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Posted on January 11th, 2013
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Betangible and their group of leather goods manufacturers wish you Merry Christmas. We have selected some images taken in Spanish leather goods workshops and made the video below. We hope you enjoy it.

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Posted on December 23rd, 2012
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In one of our first posts we featured images of some pieces made using the “leather carving” technique. This technique has been studied, used and improved by a very well known craftsman and artist from Ubrique called Luis Domínguez Rojas.


Rojas (this is how he signs his pieces) has been making leather carved pieces for more than 60 years. We recently interviewed him at his small workshop and museum and he captivated us when he stated, “I am still learning about this technique”.


He is currently collaborating with a local leather supplier Curtidos Cabezas  trying to transmit his know-how to local leather workers through training courses. He aims at transmitting his passion for this art to the next generation of leather artisans. Below you can find a short video filmed during our interview. Hope you enjoy it.

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Posted on December 13th, 2012
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Today, we would like to show you an example of how luxury brands are fostering the idea of customisation and bespoke manufacturing . French luxury brand, Goyard , has produced a short video in which they emphasise the handcrafted aspect of their products at the same time that they focus on the idea of tailor-made products. We hope you enjoy the video.

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Posted on December 13th, 2012
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Making Custom-made products has become the new way that Luxury Brands are using to offer their clients a more exclusive and personalised service. This is a way of going back to their origins and raison d’etre.

We really enjoy being part of these sorts of projects in which we help designers and brands create unique leather goods. The images below are parts of this kind of projects.


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Posted on November 7th, 2012
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The video below shows the artisanal work behind the making process of a Bottega Veneta  hard shell clutch bag. Attention to detail and the most skilful hands are needed to make such a masterpiece. We hope you enjoy the video.


You can see another video of this Brand here

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Posted on October 19th, 2012
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