English brand Mulberry was established in Somerset (England) in 1971. The brand was a success from the very first collection and became the first lifestyle British brand. Although most of Mulberry’s leather products are made in their rural Somerset factory, known as The Rookery, many pieces are made in Spain by Andalusian leather goods manufacturers.   The key factors for this success have been the passion for the artisanal work and the selection of the best raw materials, among others.

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Posted on September 22nd, 2011
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14th September 2011

Dear logbook,

Yesterday, a very good friend of us visited our sampling workshop  and some manufacturers of our area. Ironically, although we have known each other for more than two years, it was the first time he has been to Andalusia . Our good friend James told us during the diner that, as we already knew, he is a fan of our blog, but, before coming here, he could not imagine “how those people at the workshop work and make a wallet…” .” they are mad about what they do”. Finally, he added “actions speak louder that ‘written’ words”. He really encouraged us to keep on communicating the values of the leather goods manufacturers in Ubrique area. Many thanks, James. We won’t give up.

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Posted on September 15th, 2011
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Today, we would like to share with our readers a video in which you will be able to see how furniture designer, Max Lamb and master craftsmen of Alfred Dunhill collaborate in order to make a unique item that combines craftsmanship and modernity. We hope that you enjoy the video.



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Posted on September 13th, 2011
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As we announced in a previous article, many of our followers asked us to write about the information that leather goods manufacturers need in order to present the information of each style in an organised way. Although there are other valid ways of making a product sheet, we would like to present you how we organise the information at Betangible .

The images below are just a rough design of the technical sheet. It only pretends to be a guide.



The first page should contain a general view of the style including the main measurements (HxWxD). Front, back and side view should appear. The technical drawing should contain as many details as possible.




Space for notes available









In the second page you should describe the materials that you want for your leather item (leatherliningmetal trims, …)Photos are always very useful, especially for metal accessories.


Space for notes available












In the next 3 or 4 pages you should unravel all the details in each of the views (front, back and side) and the measurements of the other pieces of the leather item (straps/handles, leather trims, thickness of the straps, …). You may also want to clarify any other aspects of any particular detail in each view (colour contrast, thread, …).


Space for notes available











References and/or inspirations are also very useful. You may want to include some pictures of some other products or scenery that inspired you. Here, you may also include any other references that may help in the construction of any particular detail in the leather item.


Space for notes available













On another page you may want to include other specifications about the style (stitches per centimetre, thickness of the rope in the handles, branding, …)


Space for notes available













If you want to use a customized canvas (or other fabric), this is the way you can present it.


Space for notes available







If you want us to send you a PDF file with the template of the product sheet, please fill in the “contact us” form and we will send it to you as soon as possible.

If you think that this information might be useful for someone you know, you may want to share it using the bottoms bellow

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Posted on September 9th, 2011
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For our fifth interview  we have a vey good example of the thriving new generations that eventually will lead the companies of the leather goods industry in Andalusia (Spain). Cristina is the daughter of the current manager of leather and metal trims supplier Curtidos Zarco S.L. , Mr. José Antonio Rubiales. We hope you enjoy the interview.



Betangible:Tell us a Little bit about the background of Curtidos Zarco

Cristina Rubiales: Well, the link with the leather goods industry in Ubrique (Spain) started in 1887 when my great grandfather established the first company. It was a tannery that was not far away from our current warehouse. He used to work as both a tanner and a leather worker (link a nuestro post) for a local leather goods manufacturer. After a few years he gave up the profession of leather worker and he concentrated in the tannery and started representing some of the top quality tanneries of the times. In fact, he and his brother started to supply leathers that were tanned in Spain, Italy and UK.


Betangible:Where does this leather come from? How much leather have you got here?

C.R. We are the official suppliers of some of the most successful tanneries in countries like Spain, Italy and France. In the past, we used to stock several hundreds of square feet of each type of leather. However, this is not affordable anymore due to the many types of leather that we have here. In spite of this fact, we always have more than 50,000 square feet of leather in stock.

Betangible:What type of leather is your best seller?

C.R. About 90 % of the leather that we sell is cattle skin. The remaining 10 % is divided into lamb skin, goat skin, pig skin, reptiles and Shagreen / Galuchat skin


Betangible:What is your customer profile?

C.R.  Most of my clients are leather goods manufacturers in Andalusia (Spain). They come here to buy the leather that they will use in the production for their clients. We are also getting more and more clients from other countries such as UK, Belgium, Germany, France and USA. They are mainly designers and brands that want to buy the leather, metal trims or reinforcements directly and ask the manufacturer to source it from us.



Betangible:Can you tell us some designers or brands that are using (or have used) your products (leather, metal trims or reinforcements)?

C.R. Just to mention some international designers or brands… Carolina Herrera, Loewe and Chris&Tibor. Many local brands and designers are also using our products. Some of them are Carla Sade and Barada


Betangible:We are observing that price of leather is increasing sharply. Which are the reasons for this increase?

C.R. There are two main reasons for this.

– Due to the financial situation we currently have, human consumption of cattle meat is decreasing. Therefore, fewer animals are scarified. There is not as much hides as there used to be in the past.

– There is a huge demand of leather from China and emerging countries such as Brazil and India.

These two reasons have led tanners increase prices.


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Posted on September 6th, 2011
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Luxury Swiss brand, Bally , celebrates its 160 Anniversary during this year 2011. The Swiss brand is associated to concepts like craftsmanship and modern design, elegance and timeless beauty. We highly recommend you to have a look at Bally’s website in which you will be able to see nicely made leather goods and shoes and some videos of the manufacturing process of some products. Below, you can find a beautiful short video of the process of making a pair of shoes. We hope you enjoy it.

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Posted on September 2nd, 2011
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Right after summer, the leather goods industry gets ready for a hectic month of September. Many trade fairs take place in the month of September and we would like to point out some of them. What if we meet in any of the Fairs?



            • Dates:  3rd-6th September
            • Venue, City, Country:  Porte de Varsailles, Paris, France
            • Exhibitors:  Fashion designers And Manufacturers
            • Visitors: Importers And Exporters
            • Note:  Pret a Porter Paris offers the possibility of seeing the creations of the most recognised fashion designers and emerging talents. It is also a good event for manufacturers to meet high volume buyers.
            • Web site:  http://www.pretparis.com/en


            • Dates:  18th-20th September
            • Venue,City, Country:  Javit Center, New York, USA
            • Exhibitors: International designers and manufacturers
            • Visitors: International buyers and press
            • Note:  Privately-run fast-growing Trade Fair that specialises in the accessories business. Attendees, buyers and exhibitors from many different countries. A good place to test the American market.
            • Web site:  http://www.accessoriestheshow.com


            • Dates:  11th-13th September
            • Venue,City, Country:  IFEMA, Madrid, Spain
            • Exhibitors: Footwear and leather goods manufacturers and brands
            • Visitors: International Designers and buyers
            • Note:  Although the “Spanish Fair” used to be a must-visit in the past years, it is suffering from disenchantmentby both exhibitors and visitors. Nowadays, the fair is still one of the best windows for Spanish manufacturers of footwear.
            • Web site: www.ifema.es/ferias/semanapiel/default_i.html


            • Dates:  7th-9th September
            • City, Country: Düsseldorf, Germany
            • Exhibitors: Designers and manufacturers of leather goods and shoes
            • Visitors: importers and exporters of leather goods and shoes
            • Note:  Although the fair holds an interesting representation of leather goods designers and manufacturers, the footwear part of fair is getting more and more exhibitors and visitors.
            • Web site: http://www.gds-online.com


            • Dates:  13th-14th September
            • Venue, City, Country: Mico Fiera Milano city, Milan, Italy
            • Exhibitors: Designers, the top producers of fashion and luxury items of the sector worldwide
            • Visitors: Designers, the top producers of fashion and luxury items of the sector worldwide
            • Note:  Such a good fair for exchanging ideas with other professionals of the leather accessories industry. Trends.
            • Web site: www.anteprima-fair.com/en


            • Dates:  20th-22th September
            • Venue, City, Country:  Paris Nord Villepinte Hall4, Paris, France
            • Exhibitors: International businesses in the leather industry. Fur & Leather
            • Visitors: Buyers, fashion designers, design agencies and other related businesses
            • Note:  Simply a must …
            • Web site:  http://lecuiraparis.com/introduction


            • Dates:  6th-8th September
            • Venue, City, Country: Shanghai New International Expo Centre, Shanghai, P R China
            • Exhibitors:  Leather goods and accessories manufacturers, trend companies, leather tanners.
            • Visitors: Importers and exporters of hides and leather. Leather goods buyers and coolhunters.
            • Web site:  http://www.aclechina.com


            • Dates:  18th-21th September
            • Venue, City, Country: Fiera Milano, Milan, Italy
            • Exhibitors: International leather Goods manufacturers and brands
            • Visitors: Importers and exporters of leather goods and accessories, retailers, wholesalers, leather tanners.
            • Web site:  http://www.mipel.it

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Posted on August 30th, 2011
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As we wrote in a previous posts (A tool… A symbol , Past and Present… and Leather Thinning) , past and present coexist in leather goods workshops in Spain. Leather goods manufacturers in Andalusia (Spain) are still using traditional tools and, at the same time, are incorporating other innovations  in order to make the task lighter and easier. In this new category, we will write about traditional tools, how Spanish leather workers use them and how technology is being incorporated into this traditional industry.

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Posted on August 26th, 2011
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Our series of videos “How to make a leather item” try to show how leather goods manufacturers in Andalusia (Spain) use their skills and savoir-faire in order to make worldwide recognised leather goods.

Today, it is the turn of “leather skiving”. Leather is skived in order to make the edges thinner so that the parts that need to be folded in do not get a double thick every time any edge is folded in. The video shows how a leather worker skives the parts that eventually will form a wallet using a traditional leather skiving machine.

Today, we would like to re-post an article that our partner blog Ubrike.com posted some weeks ago. The article is about the collaboration between luxury brand Louis Vuitton and British artist Billie Achileos.

You can find some more photos and a video of the making of on this link

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Posted on August 19th, 2011
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