Creative people may feel frustrated about the time that they must wait until they see the first physical interpretation of what they have in mind. Getting a physical prototype with which you can easily work, write on and amend is highly appreciated by the creative team of a particular project. For some industries it might be difficult to find an inexpensive material with similar aspect and behaviour to the material that will be finally used for making the product. Prototype making saves time and money and favours the development of positive and productive experiences between designers and manufacturers.

Below, you can see some pictures of some prototypes made in our prototype and sample workshop.

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Posted on December 15th, 2011

One response to “Prototyping and Sampling… A key phase for leather accessories designers”

  1. betangible says:

    Many thanks for your question. The material that we commonly use for protos is a pretty soft material called TEXFEL. This material behaves in a very similar way to a common calfskin. Although it helps a lot in order to check if a construction works, it does not substitute a sample in leather. Hope this helps.

    Pepe Montiel

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