Right after summer, the leather goods industry gets ready for a hectic month of September. Many trade fairs take place in the month of September and we would like to point out some of them. What if we meet in any of the Fairs?



            • Dates:  3rd-6th September
            • Venue, City, Country:  Porte de Varsailles, Paris, France
            • Exhibitors:  Fashion designers And Manufacturers
            • Visitors: Importers And Exporters
            • Note:  Pret a Porter Paris offers the possibility of seeing the creations of the most recognised fashion designers and emerging talents. It is also a good event for manufacturers to meet high volume buyers.
            • Web site:  http://www.pretparis.com/en


            • Dates:  18th-20th September
            • Venue,City, Country:  Javit Center, New York, USA
            • Exhibitors: International designers and manufacturers
            • Visitors: International buyers and press
            • Note:  Privately-run fast-growing Trade Fair that specialises in the accessories business. Attendees, buyers and exhibitors from many different countries. A good place to test the American market.
            • Web site:  http://www.accessoriestheshow.com


            • Dates:  11th-13th September
            • Venue,City, Country:  IFEMA, Madrid, Spain
            • Exhibitors: Footwear and leather goods manufacturers and brands
            • Visitors: International Designers and buyers
            • Note:  Although the “Spanish Fair” used to be a must-visit in the past years, it is suffering from disenchantmentby both exhibitors and visitors. Nowadays, the fair is still one of the best windows for Spanish manufacturers of footwear.
            • Web site: www.ifema.es/ferias/semanapiel/default_i.html


            • Dates:  7th-9th September
            • City, Country: Düsseldorf, Germany
            • Exhibitors: Designers and manufacturers of leather goods and shoes
            • Visitors: importers and exporters of leather goods and shoes
            • Note:  Although the fair holds an interesting representation of leather goods designers and manufacturers, the footwear part of fair is getting more and more exhibitors and visitors.
            • Web site: http://www.gds-online.com


            • Dates:  13th-14th September
            • Venue, City, Country: Mico Fiera Milano city, Milan, Italy
            • Exhibitors: Designers, the top producers of fashion and luxury items of the sector worldwide
            • Visitors: Designers, the top producers of fashion and luxury items of the sector worldwide
            • Note:  Such a good fair for exchanging ideas with other professionals of the leather accessories industry. Trends.
            • Web site: www.anteprima-fair.com/en


            • Dates:  20th-22th September
            • Venue, City, Country:  Paris Nord Villepinte Hall4, Paris, France
            • Exhibitors: International businesses in the leather industry. Fur & Leather
            • Visitors: Buyers, fashion designers, design agencies and other related businesses
            • Note:  Simply a must …
            • Web site:  http://lecuiraparis.com/introduction


            • Dates:  6th-8th September
            • Venue, City, Country: Shanghai New International Expo Centre, Shanghai, P R China
            • Exhibitors:  Leather goods and accessories manufacturers, trend companies, leather tanners.
            • Visitors: Importers and exporters of hides and leather. Leather goods buyers and coolhunters.
            • Web site:  http://www.aclechina.com


            • Dates:  18th-21th September
            • Venue, City, Country: Fiera Milano, Milan, Italy
            • Exhibitors: International leather Goods manufacturers and brands
            • Visitors: Importers and exporters of leather goods and accessories, retailers, wholesalers, leather tanners.
            • Web site:  http://www.mipel.it

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Posted on August 30th, 2011
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As we wrote in a previous posts (A tool… A symbol , Past and Present… and Leather Thinning) , past and present coexist in leather goods workshops in Spain. Leather goods manufacturers in Andalusia (Spain) are still using traditional tools and, at the same time, are incorporating other innovations  in order to make the task lighter and easier. In this new category, we will write about traditional tools, how Spanish leather workers use them and how technology is being incorporated into this traditional industry.


Leather Goods Tools
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Posted on August 26th, 2011
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Our series of videos “How to make a leather item” try to show how leather goods manufacturers in Andalusia (Spain) use their skills and savoir-faire in order to make worldwide recognised leather goods.

Today, it is the turn of “leather skiving”. Leather is skived in order to make the edges thinner so that the parts that need to be folded in do not get a double thick every time any edge is folded in. The video shows how a leather worker skives the parts that eventually will form a wallet using a traditional leather skiving machine.


Today, we would like to re-post an article that our partner blog Ubrike.com posted some weeks ago. The article is about the collaboration between luxury brand Louis Vuitton and British artist Billie Achileos.

You can find some more photos and a video of the making of on this link


Collaborations | Luxury Goods | Products
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Posted on August 19th, 2011
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MCM created a bespoke case for a priceless 18th century cello owned by German virtuous cellist Jan Vogler . The case was made in order to celebrate Jan Vogler’s participation in the 34th Dresden Music Festival. MCM’s Master Craftsman handcrafted the cello case in MCM’s workshops in Munich. We recommend you to have a look at the video below, which shows the process of making this unique piece.



Designers | Know-How | Luxury Goods
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Posted on August 16th, 2011
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The Product Sheet is the document that contains the information that leather goods manufacturers need in order to make a leather item. Needless to say that a very detailed Product Sheet will facilitate the work of the manufacturer, the product will be made faster and the concept of the leather item will be interpreted in an easier way.
Sometimes, it is not easy to express an idea on paper. That’s why leather goods manufacturers also appreciate the inclusion of sketches and photos of the inspiration that led the designer design that particular item.

In another post, we will share the Product Sheet that we are using in our workshops and the information that we need from each leather item. For example:

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Betangible | Designers
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Posted on August 11th, 2011
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We have been surfing the web and came up with an awesome video by Fendi  in which they show the manufacturing process of a fur and leather coat. You will be able to see many parts of the whole process. We hope you enjoy it.


Luxury Goods | Manufacturers | Products
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Posted on August 9th, 2011
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We are very happy about the visits that our youtube channel is reaching. More than 1600 total upload views encourages us to keep communicating what the Andalusian leather goods industry can offer.

Thank you all for being a betangible fan.

You can find below the links to our 3 most watched videos.

How to make a leather item – Leather Moulding – Part I

How to make a leather item – Leather Moulding – Part II

How to make a leather item – Hand Cutting


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Posted on August 4th, 2011
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Once Betangible.com has exceeded the checkpoint of 50 posts, we would like to share with our readers our 3 most successful articles. Many thanks to all Betangible followers.

Click on each image to read the articles

“Leather Moulding Technique. Past & Present”

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Posted on August 2nd, 2011
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